Football Coach Chip Kelly

"Controlled Chaos: Chip Kelly's Football Revolution" by Mark Saltveit on Ganxy

"halfway through the is a must read!" -- @HtotheRu on Twitter, 7/28
"great book ... Quick read but very insightful" -- Eric Smith (@esmitty29) on Twitter, 7/28

The Tao of Chip Kelly
Diversion Books, New York: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62681-226-0

"The Tao of Chip Kelly: Lessons from America's Most Innovative Coach" by Mark Saltveit on Ganxy

"Saltveit lays out a clear picture of how Kelly operates." —Bob Ford, Philadelphia Inquirer
"Great stuff! Highly recommend. Must read for Eagles/football fans. Will read it every year headed into our preseason." —Brian Flinn, wide receivers coach, Villanova

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