Of course, you want more than just this website, something you can keep and hold even when your computer is turned off, or you're on the subway, or in the loo. Well, we're there for you.

The Palindromist magazine has been published every couple of years since 1996, 7 high-quality issues of intense palindromy. Maybe it's better seen as a series of short books. Current plans are to produce 10 issues and see what the next move should be.

You can buy any of these issues (listed below) of the Palindromist Magazine, which is print only, for just $5 in North America (or $7 elsewhere). There is also the classic book of days "2002: The Year in Palindromes" with 250 amazing palindromes -- most of them new -- connected to days of the year. This is out of print but available as an e-book for just $5. Just click the Contact button above to use our high tech "e-mail" ordering system with payment via PayPal or snail mail.